Nala Collies

Om os

How did it all start?

It all started when as a child i met an old man and his Collie. It was such a beautiful dog, quiet and loving and so patient, standing by the old mans side while we children petted it.
One reason why we were so captivated by the Collie was that it looked just like Lassie who we saw on the television.

I realise now that the old mans dog was not so perfect a specimen as our Collies are today, but one thing that remains unchanged is the Collies wonderful temperament, a quality that we love so much in our dogs.
I am fortunate to posess a picture of the old man and his much loved Collie, who i can give thanks to for opening my eyes to these wonderful dogs.

Why do we breed Collies?

Later, much later when i grew up and aquired a husband, children and a car, we felt the need for a four-legged friend. My thoughts returned to that old man and his lovely dog. After reading various books about dogs and discussing the subject intensively among ourselves, we came to the unanimous decision that the Collie, because of its first class reputation as a family dog, was the one for us.
With the decision made, and with the 20 year old memories of that old man and his Collie, we drove to Fyn where we chose a delightful Collie bitch who we named Shelli.
She was all that we dreamt of and although she loved us all, she quickly became 'Daddys dog'. Although we bought Shelli as a family dog, one day, just for fun, we decided to show her. Shellis breeder supported us in this, and we found the experience enormously exciting - and since then we have exhibited many of our Collies.
Shellie, who unfortunately is with us no longer, would be ten years old now. However she taught us that without our Collies there would be a large empty space in our lives, like the space Shelli left.
Happily we now have four Collies who bring life, light and joy to our lives, and in order to make it possible for others to experience the joy we have discovered with the friendship of these most beautiful dogs, we take great pleasure in breeding and exhibiting these wonderful Collies..